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Why William Smith Women Rule the World

Kathy Killius Regan '82 and William Smith Alumni
Council President Kate MacKinnon '77 present the Centennial Bowl to Mara O'Laughlin '66.

On Saturday, December 8, William Smith women gathered in the Vandervort Room to honor one another and reflect on the increasingly powerful role of women in reshaping the world for the better during the William Smith Alumnae Association Centennial Luncheon.

“We begin this important day, a day that we have set aside to recognize 100 years of women’s education on this campus, with a gathering to recognize the many great leaders who continue to bring pride to the institution,” said Director of Alumnae Relations Kathy Killius Regan ’82.

Regan was introduced by Colleges President Mark D. Gearan as “the best alumnae relations director in the country,” and was welcomed to the podium by a standing ovation from grateful students, alums and staff. Earlier in the day, Regan had been recognized by the Colleges’ Board of Trustees with a special citation for her hard work and dedication.

Alumnae Relations Director Kathy Killius Regan '82 welcomes guests to the luncheon and received a standing ovation for her hard work and preparation for the Centennial weekend.

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Maureen Collins Zupan ’72, P’09 was awarded the President’s Medal for her life-long commitment to the Colleges as a dedicated alumna and long-time member of the Board of Trustees.

Vice President for the William Smith Centennial Fund Mara O’Laughlin ’66 accepted the Centennial Bowl award for her exemplary leadership and dedication to William Smith and the Centennial efforts.

Members of Hai Timiai presented awards to three women whose love for William Smith is palpable: Dining Services Catering Manager Pat Heieck P’88, Colleges’ Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Lauren Shallish ’05, and student activist Jennie Seidewand ’09.

Mary Stowell Nelson ’82 and Ginger Adams Simon ’83 were also presented with The Heron Award, given by Director of William Smith Athletics Deb Steward in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to William Smith and the Heron athletics program. As students, Nelson and Simon won the contest that named the William Smith athletics program the Herons.

Keynote speaker Dee Dee Myers L.H.D. '05 speaks about
Why Women Should Rule the World.

Keynote speaker Dee Dee Myers L.H.D. ’05 concluded the celebratory lunch, speaking about her experiences as the first female White House press secretary and author of the best-selling book “Why Women Should Rule the World.” “There are a number of obstacles – both external and internal – standing in our way,” Myers explained. “There’s not always one solution to a problem. Often, women have additional solutions that male leaders would not be able to come up with, whether by way of intellect, intuition, compassion or intelligent understanding.”

Prior to the luncheon, Myers spoke briefly, signed copies of her book and talked with HWS students and faculty in the Wasey Room of the Scandling Campus Center. The event was sponsored by William Smith Congress.

Pat Heieck P’88Dining Services Catering Manager Pat Heieck P’88 was honored during Centennial Weekend by Hai Timiai with an inaugural Hai Timiai Award. She was chosen for her tireless dedication to student services and her invaluable advice and leadership. A 32-year veteran of the Colleges, Heieck works one-on-one with students to create hundreds of on-campus events each semester.

“Receiving the Hai Timiai award was absolutely one of the best moments of my life. I was so honored,” says Heieck. “It’s been a real pleasure to work with everyone at Hobart and William Smith, from the students to the faculty and staff.”


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