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Ribbon Cut on the Rosensweig Learning Commons

Daniel L. Rosensweig ’83

“Across the world in our Information Age, there are few global languages; technology is one of them,” said Daniel L. Rosensweig ’83 during the ribbon cutting and dedication of the new Rosensweig Learning Commons that bears his name.

As one of the most cutting-edge facilities on campus, the Learning Commons, located on the first floor of the Warren Hunting Smith Library, has more than 75 new computers with both Mac and Windows platforms. Nearly every piece of furniture in the Learning Commons – from the lounge chairs to the tables – is wired for power and network connectivity so that students and faculty can flexibly move from space to space with laptops.

“Members of the HWS community will now have a centralized space in which they can engage in formal and informal collaborations as well as individual and group research,” said Provost Teresa Amott.

The Learning Commons combines the services, staff and resources of the Information Technology Department, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the Warren Hunting Smith Library to create a multifaceted, technologically-advanced environment for students and faculty.

“Here, in the Rosensweig Learning Commons, students and their professors can engage in discussions and debate, and they can do so in a technologically rich environment that is designed for conversation and collaboration,” said William Smith Congress President and CTL Teaching Fellow in Philosophy Hannah Zale ’09. “We are no longer working alone in individual wooden carrels – now, we can study and interact in a place that is flexible, robust and rich; we truly have all that we need in one space here.”

“When President Gearan approached me about getting involved in this project, I was humbled,” said Rosensweig. “I was also impressed that the Colleges were thinking through what it means to be in a learning community during the Information Age and well into the future. I am an enormous believer in a liberal arts education. To me, it is of utmost importance to educate the entire mind and the whole student in an effort to create true citizens of the world.”

It is fitting that the Learning Commons has been made possible through the generosity of Rosensweig. As a professional, Rosensweig has been a pioneer in combining technology, media and communications. Currently, Rosensweig is the Operating Principal of Quadrangle Capital Partners where he focuses on the firm’s media and communications private equity business. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo!, President of CNET and CEO of ZDNET. During his time at Yahoo!, Rosensweig created a personal mentoring program that allowed HWS students to work with him for an entire summer which has in turn led to job opportunities for HWS graduates. Equally important have been his many contributions of personal leadership in significant not-for-profit organizations. He serves as cochairman of the board of the ‘One’ campaign and national adviser of

“It is my firm hope that present and future students as well as faculty who enter this space will know your story,” said President Mark D. Gearan to Rosensweig at the dedication. “Your life is a life of consequence, both in your professional as well as non-profit work. Through your good works, you are an inspiration to all students at Hobart and William Smith.” “If you were here in this space a year ago, you wouldn’t know it; the change is incredible and it is because of the leadership and support of Dan Rosensweig,” said Chair of the Board of Trustees David H. Deming ’75.


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