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Alums and Students Who Rock

Bob Gilman

The Many Gigs of Bob Gilman

by Joshua Unikel '07

“When I was at Hobart, I played in bands from my first-year on,” recalls Dr. Bob Gilman ’70, current president of the Hobart Alumni Association. And he isn’t kidding. In fact, this renowned plastic surgeon and drummer has been playing music ever since.

  • 1966: “I played Stones and danceoriented music in a band with another Hobart student, David Vermillion ’78, and two guys from Syracuse every weekend.”
  • 1967: “I was in the Sunny Geneva War Memorial Rock ’N Roll Band, playing Sixties blues with Peter Weinstock ’70 on piano and vocals, Greg Tobias ’68 on bass and Willard Bridgham ’68 on lead guitar and vocals.”
  • 1968: “During my junior year I played drums in a Sixties-era band called Sal Semolina and the People that Owe Him Money with Danny Kohn ’70 on rhythm guitar, John Suby ’70 on vocals, David Norad ’71 on bass, Alan Dalrymple ’66 on lead guitar and Tom Lucas ’70 on organ. We used to rehearse after dinner every night in the basement of Houghton House.”
  • 1969: “As a senior, I drummed with Peter and the Prophets, a space rock opera band made up of myself, John Falck ’69 on vocals, Tom Lucas ’70 on keyboard and vocals, Peter Hicks ’71 on rhythm guitar and Peter Haviland ’69 on lead guitar and vocals. The core of the band, myself not included, became T Rocket and the Barking Dogs, a New York State mainstay throughout the 1970s.”

After leaving his many former band mates at Hobart, Gilman continued to play. For the past 10 years, he’s been playing with a band called The Regressions made up of 20 people, most of whom are doctors or professional musicians. “We have a number of singers who allow us to play a broad range of Sixties and Seventies rock ’n roll, R & B and Motown,” Gilman says. “Most of our performances are fundraisers; we’ve played reunions at Yale University and Columbia and have even played the Hammerstein Ballroom.”

With so many bands and styles in his repertoire, what’s this plastic surgeon-by-day/ drummer-by-night’s favorite genre? Gilman answers, “Without a doubt, my favorite thing to play is rock ’n roll.”

A Wake-up Call from Red Rush Morning

by Joshua Unikel '07

Red Rush Morning

What do Hobart hockey and rock music have in common? Answer: Red Rush Morning. “We’ve been playing modern rock together for the past few years,” says guitarist and Statesmen forward Blake Bonham ’10. “We definitely have an acoustic vibe to us, but there’s a definite rock edge as well.”

In addition to Bonham, the band includes Keith Longo ’09, Drew Wadsworth ’10, Bryant Harris ’09, Chris Strip ’10, and Nick Petros ’09. Four of the six are Hobart hockey players.

“When we came together as a band, three of the guys were upperclassmen,” Bonham says. “It was kind of a domino effect: we started talking about music and instruments we played, and then one of us would say, ‘Oh, you play this?’ or ‘Oh, you sing this?’ and it all came together. If one of us has a good song, we bring it to the band.”

With catchy hooks and pop vocals with a rock-rough edge, Red Rush Morning is giving HWS a wakeup call, showing everyone what student-athlete-musicians can do. “We play mainly on campus,” Bonham explains. “We hope to get signed by the end of the school year. Maybe we’ll even tour a little over the summer.”

Acoustic Mayhem: Where Are They Now?

by Joshua Unikel '07

Acoustic Mayhem

The Band:

Steve Jemison ’92

  • Vocals and Lead Guitar
  • Location: Edwards, Colo.
  • Occupation: Financial Adviser with Merrill Lynch
  • Music Projects: After Hobart, Jemison played in Switchback, a psychedelic acoustic jam band. When the band broke up, Jemison turned his attention to a future Acoustic Mayhem album.
  • Regular Venues Played: Grouse On The Green

Arch Kingsley ’94

  • Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
  • Location: Camden, S.C.
  • Current Occupation: Blacksmith, Trains Racehorses, Musician and Retired National Champion Jockey
  • Music Projects: Kingsley has played charity events at venues throughout South Carolina.
  • Regular Venues Played: The Venue and The Brew and Cue

Jon Fishman ’92

  • Drums and Percussion
  • Location: Chicago, Ill.
  • Current Occupation: Spanish Textile Salesman
  • Music Projects: Fishman is still an active drummer, playing in a variety of bands, mainly in the genre of jazz fusion.
  • Regular Venues Played: The Horseshoe and the Underground Wonderland


  • Sill House Jam Sessions: “During my junior year and Arch’s sophomore year, we had jam sessions in Sill House where Arch was living,” explains Jemison. “Arch and I played guitars, and Jon was on the congas. The kids living in Sill House and everyone’s friends started coming to the jams, just for casual entertainment. Eventually we started making set lists, getting better as a band and eventually playing out at shows on campus.”
  • The Reunion Shows: In June 2002, Kingsley, Jemison and Fishman returned to Geneva for the Classes of 1992 10 year Reunion and to perform two concerts in their old favorite venue: Copperfields (formally Rumrunners). On both nights, Fonz (a popular Geneva bouncer) announced the band. “We arrived two days early to a house we’d rented as rehearsal space,” explains Jemison. “We played for 15 hours a day until our fingers bled. Musically speaking, we picked up where we’d left off. ”
  • Their Yearly Circuit: After reuniting in June 2002, the members of Acoustic Mayhem re-sparked the artistic flame lit ten years before. “Ever since, we’ve been getting together once a year to catch up and play some of our tunes,” explains Jemison. “One year we’ll meet in Colorado, the next year we’ll meet in South Carolina, then Illinois.” Currently, Acoustic Mayhem is talking about recording a full-length studio album based on some of the tracks they laid down in 1992 as well as a studio rehearsal session they did in recent years.

To see Acoustic Mayhem perform Jesse James during the 2002 Reunion show, click here.

Looking into Kaleidoscope

by Joshua Unikel '07


As far as student bands go, it doesn’t get much newer than the jam-band Kaleidoscope made up of Sarik Kumar ’11, Mike Buccino ’09, Mike Monteiro ’10, Andrew Tarnas-Raskin ’11, and Zach Potter ’09. “We played together for the first time on September 13,” says bassist Monteiro. “We played Delta Chi that night and got an overwhelming response, with people chanting ‘one more song’ throughout the entire set.”

With a powerful mix of influences that includes Phish and Pink Floyd and a tight-knit way of losing themselves in their music as they jam through the hours at campus parties, Kaleidoscope is showing HWS their vision of how music should be. “Every time we play, it’s different,” explains Kumar. “That’s one of the main reasons we all like to jam so much, every time is a new experience.”

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