PSS Summer '13

The Lady Of The Lake

Andrew Wickenden ’09

On Geneva’s historic South Main Street, in Pulteney Park, the Lady of the Lake stands sentinel. A stone statue in the form of a bare-breasted woman facing east toward Seneca Lake, her official name is “Peace.” She is positioned in the center of a stone fountain dedicated in memory of the veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish- American War and World War I.

Legend, however, casts a different light. The Lady’s view of the lake is unobstructed by the row houses on the opposite side of the street that otherwise shield the lake from view. In that gap between the painted row houses, the story goes, another building stood, until it burned down. When another was constructed in its place, it too burned down. Once a third building met a fiery end, it was decided that the Lady’s view of the lake should remain clear. Now, from Pulteney Park, residents, visitors, students, and alums can share the same serene and unobstructed image of Seneca Lake.


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