PSS Summer '12

More Than a Medical History

Amy Kacprowicz


Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts

Majors: Spanish and Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies

Beyond HWS: Kacprowicz has a position as a care coordinator at the International Center at Children’s Hospital Boston

  • Minored in Health Professions
  • Interned at Children’s Hospital Boston
  • Volunteers at Lakeview Mental Health
  • Student assistant at the Health Professions Office of Career Services
  • Plays intramural soccer and volleyball
  • Trustee Scholar
  • Graduated magna cum laude

“A hospital is a place where most people don’t really want to be,” says Amy Kacprowicz ’12, who experienced this feeling firsthand in high school when she was treated by Children’s Hospital Boston for a heart defect. “When I was a patient, people who worked at the hospital were very helpful, and that made the experience run more smoothly. Now, I have the opportunity to facilitate a better overall experience for anxious international patients who also have to struggle with language barriers.”

After interning with Geneva General Hospital in the fall of 2009, Kacprowicz secured an internship at Children’s Hospital Boston, where she worked with international patients for two consecutive summers. Now, following graduation, she will return to the duties she first learned as an intern as she takes on the role of care coordinator at the International Center at Children’s Hospital Boston – rated one of the top three medical facilities in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

“I really love meeting people from all over the world in my position with the International Center,” says Kacprowicz. “Every single case is different, from dealing with a three- foot stack of patient medical records in Arabic to working with an expectant mother from Uruguay. I really credit the education I received at Hobart and William Smith, especially Professor of Economics William Waller’s “Economics of Caring,” for providing me with a greater understanding of what medical care entails and the importance of providing excellent care.”

Her work with Assistant Director of Health Professions and Fellowships Advising Scott MacPhail in the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development has helped Kacprowicz transition from school to a professional career by narrowing her focus and developing future career goals. Within five years, Kacprowicz wants to enroll in graduate school, where she plans to pursue a master’s degree in either health administration or public health.


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