PSS Summer '12

Steps Into My Future

Isaias Garcia


Hometown: Harlem, New York

Major: Writing and Rhetoric

Beyond HWS: Garcia has an internship set up with Innovation Interactive in New York City

  • Kappa Sigma brother
  • Interned at Chegg, Inc.
  • Participant in The Pitch
  • Earned Honors

“Itransferred into Hobart and William Smith as a sophomore from an urban commuter school where there wasn’t a strong feeling of community. When I came to HWS and President Gearan was standing on the steps of Coxe Hall waiting to shake my hand and learn my name, I knew HWS was going to be very, very different.

I never thought I’d pledge a fraternity, but I went to recruiting night at Kappa Sigma just to meet people and see what it was about. I was blown away by the level of community I experienced. I don’t have any younger brothers but I’ve always wanted to be a mentor, and I realized that at Kappa Sigma I could be. The sense of brotherhood between us is incredible. And it’s not just the current brothers; I’ve also connected with Hobart alum and Kappa Sig Dan Rosensweig ‘83. We met at the house when he came to visit, and we have a lot in common. What started as a great conversation grew into an amazing opportunity to intern with Chegg, where Dan is CEO.

I’m an independent student of limited means, and there’s no one in my life to set me on the correct path if I make a mistake. But at Hobart and William Smith, I’ve found a loving support system of friends and fraternity brothers, faculty and staff, and alumni and alumnae, and I feel ready to take the next steps into my future.”


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