PSS Summer '12

Investing in Energy

Jerimiah Booream-Phelps


Hometown: Sergeantsville, New Jersey

Majors: Economics and Environmental Studies

Beyond HWS: Booream-Phelps has secured a job with Deutsche Bank in New York City

  • Recipient of the Udall Scholarship
  • Studied sustainability in Copenhagen
  • Student Trustee
  • Graduated cum laude

“The way I see it, the entire world runs on energy. But until I met Professors Tom Drennen and John Halfman, I was going to be an investigative journalist. They opened my eyes and taught me that it’s okay to be a little bit idealistic.

Once I recognized how underinvested the country is in renewable energy, I knew there must be a change coming. We simply can’t keep going down this road. Professor Drennen suggested that I consider a double major in economics and environmental studies so that I could merge my interests and my passions, and one day play a role in the future of energy and the environment.

I wanted to be part of a company that shares my values, and Deutsche Bank has one of the most robust corporate social responsibility programs in the world. They have teams focused on all aspects of sustainable energy and many other green initiatives. I went after opportunities there and last summer was delighted to get an internship working with the utilities equity research team.

I was even more fortunate to develop a relationship with Deutsche Bank Associate Director of Research Tony Conklin ‘90, who mentored me and, ultimately, helped me land a full- time position with the company. He’s been so supportive. “I want you to use this as a jumping off point,” he told me. “Work hard, learn as much as you can, and then go save the world.” You won’t find that from an alum network at any other college.

I don’t know for sure which team I’ll be on when I start fulltime at Deutsche Bank this summer, but I’ve been pushing hard for alternative energy - I want to learn from the best. Eventually, I hope to move into more direct methods of investing in our world’s energy future such as venture capital or private equity. I’m trying to think long term. So I guess there’s still quite a bit of me that is practical, even if I do want to help save the world.”


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