PSS Spring '13


Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kristin Slade in the lab with
Samuel Schneider ’13.

Samuel Schneider ’13

by Catherine Williams

Samuel Schneider ’13 first knew there was something special about HWS when he visited during a college tour. “I’d already visited Cornell, Syracuse and Rochester when I came to HWS and sat in on a class with Associate Professor of Chemistry Erin Pelkey. I gravitated toward his teaching style and the inclusiveness of the classroom. The whole place felt right. So I applied.”

When he returned for an Accepted Student Open House, he met Professor Emeritus of Biology Thomas Glover, who emphasized the collaborative nature of the faculty. “The more I learned, the more I realized the research I could do and the kinds of outcomes I could achieve,” says Schneider. “I understood that at Hobart and William Smith, I would be more than a number. I would get personal attention.”

Now in his senior year, the chemistry major is working on his Honors project in the lab of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kristin Slade, looking at how the cellular environment affects enzymes.

“The research we are doing could one day have an impact on protein diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,” says Schneider. “I want to make a difference in the understanding and treatment of these diseases and produce research that will have a lasting impact.”

In all of this work, he’s been surrounded by faculty members who’ve taken an active interest in his education– including the team who helped him apply for and ultimately receive a highly- competitive 2012 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. More than just a financial award, the Goldwater will open doors and set Schneider apart as he pursues his Ph.D. in chemistry after graduation. Says Schneider: “Hobart and William Smith is the kind of place where your professors believe in you and work with you, where they make your future a priority so that when you graduate, you are prepared for life.”


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