PSS Spring '13


Mark Adams

by Jessica Evangelista Balduzzi ’05

A member of the Buildings and Grounds staff, Mark Adams (right) gears much of his workday around sustainability efforts on campus, often teaching members of the HWS sustainability task force about the latest technology utilized, such as the heating and cooling systems for Emerson and de Cordova Halls (he’s pictured here in the basement of de Cordova with Sustainability Manager Jamie Landi ’08 and Eco Reps Anna Hertlein ’12 and Carly Ellis ’14). An HVAC technician, Adams is in his sixth year at HWS, having spent 25 years as an HVAC electrician at Kodak.

“In many ways the transition from Kodak to HWS was seamless. The goals are the same: find ways to reduce energy consumption and lower costs,” says Adams, who lives with his family in Clifton Springs, N.Y. Buildings and Grounds recently partnered with the Office of Sustainability to form the Energy and Climate Committee to better integrate efforts and inform decisions in new construction, renovations and general physical plant management.

Adams helps monitor the environmental aspects of residential living spaces, such as energy use, recycling, broken fixtures and open windows. “This job is a great balance between working in the field and on the computer,” says Adams. “I am always learning something new and I’m never bored.”


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