Class Correspondents

Are you a Hobart and William Smith graduate interested in serving as class correspondent? This volunteer role is a great way to stay in touch with classmates and help others stay connected and apprised of all of your milestones. Please contact Theresa H. Gage P'22 at 315-781-3393 or

Responsibilities Include:

  • Compose a column for each issue of the Pulteney Street Survey magazine that is produced two to three times per year.
  • Submit each column on or before the designated column due date. The due date for each column submission is announced approximately 4 weeks in advance.
  • Conduct frequent, ongoing outreach to classmates requesting content to include in your columns.
  • Work as needed with the Office of Alumni and Alumnae Relations to reach your classmates and edit your columns.

Below is a list of current class correspondents, please see if your class is in need of a volunteer.

Class year Correspondent

WS '36

Alta Boyer

H '41, ’42, ’43

Ivan W. Kuhl '43

WS '49

B. Anne Roth Commerton

H '51

Edward T. Hanley Jr.

WS '52

Judith Haslam Cross

WS '53

Dorothy Chastney Emer

H '54

William W. Rose, Jr.

H '55

Edward Froelich

H '56

Charles N. Schwartz

H '57

Lud A. Ziegelmair

WS '57

Jacquie Wrubel Savits

H '58

Steve Blacker

WS '58

Barbara Smith Block '58

H '59

Eric Hall Anderson

WS '59

Carol Redwood Riker

H '60

John P. Bracken

H '61

David F. Gaylord

WS '61

Meredith Speirs Penfield '61

H '62

William H. Corwin (Bill)

WS '62

Judith Bleakley O'Neill (Kip)

H '63

James V. Zurer (Jim)

WS '63

Kate Carleton Washburn

H '64

Martin J. Rosen

WS '64

Mary-Jo Bryan Wolsky

H '65

Stuart Pierson

WS '65

Elizabeth Johnston DeRosa (Libby)

H '66

Lt. Col. John E. Norvell, Ret.

WS '66

Joanne Sernaker Bulfin

H '67

Joel E. Shepard

WS '67

Maggie Fry Carr

H '68

Roger Turner

WS '68

Martha Stuart Jewett (Marty)

H '69

Lt. Col. Robert A. Kowal (Bob)

WS '69

Ginny Knight Sargent

H '70

John A. Pulos

WS '70

Christine Roberts Hawley (Chris)

H '71

Roland J. Misarti

WS '71

Nancy Nowak Rutherford

H '72

Henry J. Lenz

WS '72

Janet Wulster

H '73

Timothy M. Richards (Tim)

WS '73

Marjorie Torelli

H '74

Michael A. Orth

WS '74

Joanne Conrad

H '75

Zachary S. Chaikin (Zach)

WS '75

Mary E. Hughes

H '76

Tony Payne

H '77

John A. Hoff, Jr.

WS '77

Kristin C. Ohms-McNamara

H '78

William T. Martin (Bill)

WS '78

Mary M. Collins

H '79

Anthony Reid (Tony)

WS '79

Amy Batterman Ditchek

WS '80

Kathleen Hare Day (Kathy)

H '81

Lawrence M. Larson

WS '81

Pamela Freund Levesque

H '82

Tom Hall

WS '82

Linda E. Reiter
Jane Monness Brickman

H '83

Michael J. Miller (Mike)

WS '83

Carol Shanks Dougherty

H '84

David S. Heiserman

WS '84

Laird Redway

H '85

Paul Joslin

WS '85

Mary E. Reilly

H '86

Adam M. Stuart, M.D.

WS '86

Chris Kjellson (Chris)

H '87

Cameron K. Brown (Cam)

WS '87

Sara Campbell Lodini

H '88

Joseph C. Tully

WS '88

Talley Gerace Hargrave

WS '89

Laura Graff Coburn

H '90

Michael A. Acquilano (Mike)

WS '90

Rosyln Yard Cassano

H '91

Steve G. Hubbard

WS '91

Alexandra Palmer Gormley (Alex)

H '92

Sean Crowley

H '93

Brendan E. Neary

WS '93

Natalie Gurdak Lontchar

H '94

Drummond C. Bell IV

WS '94

Lyndsey Frigm

H '95

Daniel B. Bornstein (Dan)

WS '95

Alison Propeck Harrity

H '96

Michael Mills

WS '96

Lakisha Williams

H '97

Ethan Prout

WS '97

Casey K. Donohue

H '98

Joseph J. LaSala (Joe)

WS '98

Kate Strouse Canada

H '99

Erik D. Adamsen
Tripp Stewart

WS '99

Meredith A. Moriarty

H '00

Eric J. Isban

H '01

James M. Breslin (Jamie)

WS '01

Megan Colosimo

H '02

Stephen T. Chabot (Steve)

WS '02

Sara Wingerath-Schlanger

H '03

C. Todd Patterson

WS '03

Kristen Mogilnicki Good

H '04

Joseph Rivera-Ramos

WS '04

Alli Fries Schaefer

H '05

Michael F. Hoepp

WS '05

Caroline Wenzel Chapman

H '06

Willet V. Hossfeld

WS '06

Kate Chabot Madden

WS '07

Ashley Kent Rosati

WS '08

Tiffany Lord

H '09

Brendan Corbett Csaposs

WS '09

Katie Taylor

H '10

Roger Arnold

WS '10

Lauren Budd Curtin

H '11

Hannan Merritt

WS '11

Megan A. Rechin
Kimberly Shorb

H '12

Andrew Donovan

WS '12

Kaylyn S. O'Brien

H '13

Andrew Oliveira

WS '13

Kazia Berkley-Cramer

H '14

Clune Walsh

WS '14

Cameron W. Gaynor

H '15

Carter H. Brown

WS '15

Caroline G. Demeter

H '16

Max Gorton

WS '16

Dana Williams

H '17

Matthew Skinner

WS '17

Brett Danziger

H '18

Harrison Luce

WS '18

Micaela Carney

H '19

Cort Williams

WS '19

Elizabeth Plummer

H '20

Tanner Arnold
Gavin Flood

WS '20

Gianna Gonzalez

H '21

Cuinn Lauten

WS '21

Carling Landeche



Stay in Touch

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