Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ’09 and Ronny Frishman P’00.


Current Position
Site Director, Mark and Kathryn Ford Family Foundation, FunLimón; Tola, Nicaragua

“If not for the Salisbury stipend, I would not be here in Nicaragua doing what I love. During my summer internship abroad, I was able to realize my passion and transform it into a career.”

2011 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Foundation for Sustainable Development; Tola, Nicaragua

Graduate Work
Masters candidate in Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World, University For Peace in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica


Current Position
Teacher, El Instituto Cultural Perano Norte Americano; Quitos, Peru

“My Salisbury internship experience reinforced my identity as an anthropologist and as a musician, and it reinforced my love for language. Mr. Salisbury wants to give the award to individuals who will have an experience that funnels into the rest of their lives. It’s really rung true for me.”

2012 Salisbury Summer International Internship
El Instituto Taki Museum in Ecuador and Peru


Current Position
Education Associate, WNED I WBFO; Buffalo, N.Y.

“My time at William Smith College and the Salisbury Award changed me—entirely. It taught me to affect change by questioning and to influence minds through education.”

2013 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Chegg and Zinch in California and Beijing City, China; Ad2Pro; Chennai, India

Graduate Work
Masters candidate in Public Administration, Penn State


Current Position
Software Developer, Markit; New York, New York

“The Salisbury taught me how important communication is in a workplace, especially on a global scale. When working on the same team but in three different continents, communication is key to enhance transparency.”

2013 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Markit in London, England and in Noida and New Delhi, India


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