Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ā€™09 and Ronny Frishman Pā€™00.

Current Position
Assistant Professor of Economics, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.

2006 Salisbury Summer International Internship
International Labor Organization; Geneva, Switzerland

Graduate Work
Ph.D. in Economics, American University

In the 10 years since she returned from Geneva, Switzerland, Leanne Roncolato ’07, a double major in economics and social justice at the Colleges, has maintained ties with the International Labor Organization (ILO), where she interned as a Salisbury Award recipient. As she worked in the integration department of the ILO—editing a book on child labor in India and researching another book on trade union rights in the Philippines—Roncolato says she found Switzerland “to be an intriguing place where people from all over the world merge together in the midst of international politics, humanitarian efforts and financial business.”

After her summer at the ILO, Roncolato continued to work with the organization’s Department of Integration, first as a short-term official and later as an external collaborator. Now an assistant professor of economics at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania, Roncolato says the internship “has had a significant impact on my career. To this day I still work with David Kucera, my supervisor at the ILO that summer. During my time in Geneva, I also built wonderful friendships with amazing people from around the world. They are friendships that I have to this day.”

Roncolato earned her Ph.D. in economics from American University and has since published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, International Labour Review, the Journal of Developing Societies and elsewhere, covering topics such as trade liberalization, the trade collapse of the Great Recession, informal employment and structural macroeconomics. Her most recent work examines female labor force participation in South Africa and informal self-employment in the townships surrounding Cape Town. Her future research plans include continuing research in the areas of gender, labor and international development.


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