Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ’09 and Ronny Frishman P’00.

Current Position
Financial Services Manager, PwC’s Strategy; Washington, D.C.

2008 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Duty Free Shops (DFS); Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi

As a Salisbury Award recipient, Katie Klutts Wysor ’09 worked with the Duty Free Shops (DFS) management team in Hong Kong and helped with the firm’s expansion into Abu Dhabi, observing and participating in all aspects of strategic planning.

Fondly recalling her summer with the luxury travel retailer, Wysor jokes, “That’s where I learned about pivot tables! For an Excel nerd like me who ended up in the insurance industry, that was a pretty big revelation.”

She notes, more seriously, that the internship “helped me grasp the business model and see the big picture as I worked with my team to open DFS’s first Middle Eastern location in the Abu Dhabi airport. It also forced me to consider how important cultural differences are in making business decisions.”

In her roles educating management on the local context, synchronizing team efforts, and preparing analysis, updates and recommendations for senior executives, Wysor broadened her perspective for an Honors project dealing with social responsibility in corporations. After graduation, she joined GEICO in Washington, D.C. as an underwriting models supervisor before she began her current role at the multinational professional services network PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers). There, she continues to apply the lessons she learned during her summer in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and the other DFS locations she visited.

“As part of my internship, I had the opportunity to visit five DFS retail locations in four different countries and meet with the leadership teams to understand the cultures, logistics and other considerations involved in operating in each place,” she says. “As I take on new roles and projects throughout my career, I continue to explore how everything fits together in order to solve problems more effectively.”


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