Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ’09 and Ronny Frishman P’00.


Current Position
Family Medicine Resident, Sutter Health-Sacramento Sierra Region; Sacramento, Calif.

“The life-changing experiences I had while working in Peru impacted my career in that I have a fervent desire to preserve health and prevent disease ... . I discovered how much fulfillment I really find in giving back to others.”

2007 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Women’s Health Outreach, Pro World Service Corps in Cusco, Peru

Graduate Work
M.D. from University of California, Davis


Current Position
Consultant, Accenture Strategy; Boston, Mass.

“The Salisbury Internship opened my eyes to the world of international business and all the opportunities that it offers.”

2007 Salisbury Summer International Internship
U.S. Commercial Services Department, U.S. Embassy in Paris, France

Graduate Work
MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Current Position
Director, Story Partners; Washington, D.C.

“I owe entry to the Syracuse Public Diplomacy program to the Salisbury experience, and my first job working in the Middle East to grad school, and my next job to that one. It all started with the Colleges and the Salisbury – to both I am forever thankful.”

2009 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Institute of International Education in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Graduate Work
Masters in International Relations and Public Relations, Syracuse University


Current Position
Furniture Maker/Designer, Chadhaus; Seattle, Wash.

“The Salisbury Internship taught me the importance of curiosity and to always keep challenging your norms. Often the most rewarding experiences result from taking risks.”

2010 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Force 4 Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark

Graduate Work
Master of Architecture, University of Washington


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