Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ’09 and Ronny Frishman P’00.


Current Position
Project Director, ReThink Health Ventures, The Fannie E. Rippel Foundation; Cambridge, Mass.

“Galway was a good primer in helping me understand the meaningfulness of cultural differences. I like thinking about big issues, of conceptualizing ways to solve them and then doing it. I was able to do all of that in Galway.”

2006 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Community Knowledge Initiative, National University of Ireland in Galway, Ireland

Graduate Work
Master of Public Administration and International Relations, Syracuse University


Current Position
Visiting Scholar, South East Asia Program, Cornell University; Ithaca, N.Y.

“The Salisbury internship really allowed me to understand the scope, the benefits, the difficulties and the rewards of doing research. As a junior scholar, it paved the way for me to continue with my Ph.D.”

2006 Salisbury Summer
International Internship Research Center for Gender and Development, Hanoi National University in Hanoi, Vietnam

Graduate Work
Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, Syracuse University


Current Position
Executive Manager of Human Resources, Von Maur; Victor, N.Y.

“The experience in Florence was my gateway to independence. I learned who I was and what I was made of. It can be quite intimidating moving to a foreign country alone but once you are immersed in another culture 100 percent and you go with the flow, it is invigorating.”

2007 Salisbury Summer International Internship
Stamperia Braille for Regione Toscona in Florence, Italy

Graduate Work
Masters in Heritage Management, Newcastle University


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