Profiles written and edited by Andrew Wickenden ā€™09 and Ronny Frishman Pā€™00.

Current Position
Inbound Marketing Specialist, Groovice; San Francisco, Calif.

2012 Salisbury Summer International Internship
DFS Group, Ltd., in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali

As a Salisbury Award recipient, Raphael Durand ’13 traveled from Hong Kong to Macau to Singapore to New York and, finally, to Bali. During his internship with the luxury retailer DFS, Durand says, “the biggest thing for me was seeing how a corporation functions. It was my first proper internship. Before that, I didn’t know how businesses operated and I didn’t know my options after graduation. The Salisbury experience gave me that ability to look at an organization, look at its different departments, and understand from one business model what the different components were.”

After graduation, Durand moved back to Hong Kong to work for DFS, conducting market research and redesigning a department store with the creative director before transitioning to the company’s marketing team, where he worked closely with the senior vice president of consumer marketing.

“Getting that international exposure was so valuable,” he says. “I have since brought the knowledge of how brands perceive themselves back to the Bay Area, and that has been directly helpful in terms of what I’m doing now: creating a new brand and image relevant to our startup as well as the market we’re trying to break into.”

Durand is currently working in Menlo Park, Calif., for a small startup company, Groovice, a marketplace for homeowners to group home maintenance tasks together. “Right now, we’re still building the product,” says Durand, who wears many hats at the startup but is primarily responsible for managing inbound marketing and sales efforts.

Durand was previously Manager of Partner Programs at PurePharma in San Francisco, where he designed social media marketing and within six months was leading the inside marketing division, organizing sales strategies in the U.S. sales division for the health supplement company.

He traces his preparation for these roles back to the Salisbury Award, when he was first able to travel, observe customer behavior, and make qualitative observations that he could then compare to the quantitative analysis of what products were selling. “The Salisbury experience gave me huge exposure to market research; not just to data but to the customer experience and how those relationships mix,” he says.

“Mr. Salisbury’s trust that I would have a valuable experience no matter what and that I could pursue my dreams with no strings attached launched me into this unknown world. Having the flexibility to say, I’m not on a mission, I’m just here to learn, was a great way to take on this adventure.”


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