Student Conversations

Danny Schonning ’16
Ridgefield, Conn.

Double major in English and comparative literature, minor in international relations; studied abroad in Jordan; former Syria Crisis Response intern at United Nations Relief and Works Agency; former intern at Middle East Research and Information Project; president of the Debate Team, which took him to India, China, Malaysia and Greece; Editor-in-Chief of The Herald; co-president of HWS for Informed Democracy; Honors in English

The Debate Team is the best experience I’ve had at HWS. It has taught me to think through arguments, to think on my feet and to speak coherently. The thought experiments required of debate attract engaged students and the travel has meant that I’ve become friends with students around the world.

I recently wrote a piece in The Herald on the new alcohol policy which, as it stands, seems officious. It requires that student parties have outside caterers to serve alcohol. It’s very expensive so parties are now going underground without supervision. The broader conversation on campus is the search for social space for students – spaces that are female-driven or LGBTQ driven. Spaces where students can gather for conversations.

The things that drew me to Hobart – the faculty who are immensely qualified, the small size and quality of the classes, the talented students, the administration which is tremendously responsive to students, a president who listens – those things are here. No campus culture is perfect but the social culture at HWS has been significant in making my experience here a good one. There’s a humanity at HWS and an expectation that we will go into the world and do good things.


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