Student Conversations

Shaakir McIntosh-Samuel ’16
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Major in biology and minor in health professions; Prime Minister of the Caribbean Student Association; member of the HWS Emergency Medical Services team; former resident assistant; member of H3O Society; member of the Orange Key Society and Chimera; recipient of the Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Leadership; studied abroad in Scotland; twin siblings Shaahida Samuel ’19 and Shaamar Samuel ’19 are both rising sophomores

I’ve always been independent and I’m a naturally happy person; my hashtag for life should be #goodvibes. Even though I went to Hotchkiss, when I came to Hobart, I didn’t know what to expect. The Vineyard Vines, the red pants, the boat shoes…this whole world. But the real culture shock was having my own room. I was sharing with my siblings and then at boarding school with my classmates. I always thought about it as a huge sleepover with my best friends.

In high school, I discovered that I have a knack for science. I like working together in collaboration with other people, and the body is like that – it’s a collaboration of cells working together. My plan now is to complete a post-Baccalaureate pre-med program before I apply to medical school. I want to hone my skills.

At Hobart, I’ve been lucky to take amazing classes on race and diversity. My first-year seminar, “Seeing Whiteness” with Associate Professor of English Anna Creadick, was instrumental in helping me to understand identity, social justice and perspective. That class changed the way I had conversations. Fundamentally, the campus conversation and the campus culture have changed since I was a first year student. It’s happening on college campuses across the country. Social media like Snapchat and Yik Yak can drive conversations. Now we’ve got to work hard – in collaboration – to find our way through and be the community we aspire to.


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