JP Lavin ’95

Writing Conversations

by Andrew Wickenden ’09

For screenwriter JP Lavin ’95, the workday begins with a conversation with his writing partner Chad Damiani. “I’ll call Chad in the morning and we’ll brainstorm,” Lavin says, “and then Chad will shout down all the stuff we brainstorm. One of us will write down what works.

We send documents back and forth throughout the day, talk again in the afternoon. We both have tasks depending on the state of the project, but there’s not one part of the script that we both haven’t had a say in.

It’s an organic process of continual reworking from the very first concept to the final version of the script.”

Together, Lavin and Damiani have been penning and selling television and film scripts for the past decade. In October 2015, CBS Studios picked up their pilot “Jet Set,” which centers on a young, rich socialite and a blue-collar FBI agent who pose as the new “it” couple to investigate and apprehend suspects who hide behind wealth and influence.

Lavin and Damiani will serve as the pilot’s co-executive producers along with director Jon Turteltaub, who directed and produced, among other films, National Treasure.

Below is an excerpt from “Jet Set” written by JP Lavin and Chad Damiani.


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