Student Conversations

Zachary Grattan ’17
Weare, N.H.

Double major in international relations and religious studies; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Trustee; member of the Hobart basketball team; twotime member of the Liberty League All-Academic Team; recipient of the Arnold Scholar-Athlete Award and the Bowman Internship Award for leadership and civic engagement; treasurer of Hobart for Equality and Respect; went abroad to Japan as part of the Technos program; studied abroad in Leipzig, Germany, funded by the Julius G. Blocker ’53 Endowed Fund

I was recruited to play basketball but it was the Blackwell Room that sold me. The color in here has character. I’ve since learned that this room cultivates creativity. It’s where I do all my work. I’ve had 12-page papers that, in this space, have easily turned into 20 page papers. I grew up in a Christian household but I didn’t feel comfortable with the concept of predestination. I wanted to open my mind to possibilities. I’ve had amazing courses here, incredible professors and remarkable abroad experiences. I’d like to pursue a Ph.D., continue to learn and eventually teach. Being in the classroom is where I am most myself, where I am most comfortable.

The New York Times article and the very serious way in which we as a community handled that situation and other issues facing higher education like race and class, have changed our community. Some of that change is for the better and some is not. The campus conversation, I think, is about these changes and their sometimes unintended consequences. There are very few things that students have control over – generally just our social lives. At HWS and at colleges across the country, opportunities for students to have control are dwindling. When parties and social life go behind closed doors, you stigmatize them.


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