Student Conversations

Almamy Conde ’18
Bronx, N.Y.

Major in economics; linebacker for Hobart football; one of four finalists in the 2016 Stu Lieblein ‘90 Pitch Contest for his idea for “SmartHunter,” a free website that analyzes apartment listings in urban areas, giving consumers the ability to view apartments using virtual reality technology; became a licensed real estate agent at age 18 I’m not giving up on SmartHunter. Even though I didn’t win The Pitch, I made it all the way to the finals and that process – working with alum mentors and with the Centennial Center for Leadership, presenting in front of hundreds of students and judges – has just made me more passionate about the idea. SmartHunter will be the first of many businesses I create.

I’m from an environment where you don’t see a lot of successful, independent businessmen and women. Every kid wants to play football, basketball or be an entertainer. I want to show kids from my neighborhood that the world has more to offer. When I found HWS, I thought to myself, these are the kids I want to be like – smart, focused, successful. At another school, I might just be a football player, but at Hobart, I’m getting an incredible education.

The campus conversation is about equality. There are times when it feels like there aren’t enough African American people on campus. And there aren’t enough black students in economics. It’s hard but it keeps me going. I’m representing and it motivates me. I hope that other students of color see me and think that if I can do economics, they can too. I have a fire burning inside of me; I’d bet on me every time.


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