Student Conversations

Sean Burke ’18
Wayzata, Minn.

Major in media & society; 2016 photographer for Vineyard Vines (first assignment: the Kentucky Derby); former assistant creative director at Kiel James Patrick (KJP); member of the HWS Sailing Team and the HWS String Ensemble; social media savant with 50K followers on Instagram (@seangaleburke)

The summer after my first-year, I had an internship with Kiel James Patrick that turned into a full time job. I took a year off from Hobart to do it, and that changed my perspective and academic goals. All of KJP’s advertising and promotions are social media based. I learned how to develop a social media strategy and worked with brands like L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. In the field, I learned from successful entrepreneurs, designers and photographers but I also realized the importance of a formal education and having an economics or finance background. I returned to Hobart with a better idea of what I want to learn.

My worldview has been changed by classes at HWS, classes in feminist philosophy, LGBTQ studies and ones on creative movement and thought. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and really learn. These are the classes where I don’t have an A, but they are the ones that have challenged me and, I hope, made me a better person.

The Colleges are at a pivotal point in our history. We have fairly conservative, traditional roots. We need to pivot to more broadly encompass race and gender. It would be easy for a school this small to brush these issues aside; that’s not happening. The challenges facing higher education have sparked conversation on campus and brought us closer together. This is a community where students respect one another. When you compare us to other, larger colleges and universities, we are doing more and we are better.


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