A Legacy Created: The Gearan Scholars

When asked what gives him pause as he surveys the landscape of higher education, Gearan inevitably responds, “The question of cost and access.”

It is fitting, then, that the Board of Trustees initiated a fundraising project in honor of the Gearans that will provide increased access for students to a Hobart and William Smith education. The President Mark D. and Mary Herlihy Gearan Endowed Scholarship recognizes the impact that the Gearans have had on the Colleges and the Geneva community over the course of the last 18 years.

“The Gearans appreciate the imperative to provide access to a Hobart and William Smith education,” Chair of the Board Thomas S. Bozzuto ’68 says. “In their honor and for everything they have done for the Colleges and our students, the recipients of these scholarships will forever be known as the Gearan Scholars.”

As of May 8, roughly $2.8 million had been raised for the Gearan Scholarship making it the largest endowed scholarship in the Colleges’ history. Gifts will be accepted to the fund through May 31, 2017.

To learn more about the Gearan Scholars and how you can make a gift in honor of President Mark D. and Mary Herlihy Gearan, click here.


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