Students visit the Batuan Temple in Bali during their trip with Assistant Professor of
Theatre Chris Hatch to study the Indonesian island’s performing arts.

Center for Global Education

As the former Director of the Peace Corps, President Gearan understands the transformative nature of study abroad. During his tenure and under his guidance, the growth of global education at the Colleges has meant that today 60% of Hobart and William Smith students study abroad (compared to the national average of just 2%). HWS study abroad offerings include more than 50 programs on six continents (compared to 33 programs in 2000). With funding from the Mellon Foundation and on-campus support, new pre-departure and re-entry programs enable students to extend their abroad experiences, molding global citizens with deep, rounded knowledge of international cultures, customs and relationships.

A decade ago, the Colleges hosted one or two exchange students per year. Since then, the number of HWS exchange programs has vastly expanded, allowing students to study directly at foreign institutions and bringing international students to HWS. On average, the Colleges host around 25 exchange students each year. This wide-ranging commitment to global education earned the Colleges the prestigious Senator Paul Simon Award for CAMPUS Internationalization.


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