The President’s Garage Band

Since the inaugural performance at the Senior Dinner in 2005, one prized rite of passage for soon-to-be graduates is the distinctive pleasure of hearing the President’s Garage Band. Headed by President Gearan on keyboards and vocals, the band’s rotating lineup includes an eclectic mix of faculty, staff, deans and Geneva community members who — accompanied by the chorus of Hobart and William Smith seniors — sing, dance, twist and shout to the repertoire of classics.

"Here he is, a guy who is literally running a college and raising two daughters, with a thousand things to do and sort out, and important people to talk to, and of course he shows up at the Senior Barbecue with The President’s Garage Band. Obviously. He was always the secret final star of every show, and yet we kept being so surprised and excited when he’d show up. I loved my experience at HWS. I treasured it then and value it now. And I endeavor to embody the spirit of our unique college in upstate New York even at the research-driven University of Cambridge."

Wendi Bacon ’12, recipient of the Marshall Scholarship which took her to the University of Cambridge where she earned a Ph.D. in Hematology and is now a postdoctoral scientist.


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