Fan Zone

Hannah Weingast

The most devoted fans tailgate no matter the weather and endure long car rides to cheer on their favorite Hobart and William Smith teams. We reached out to those who make a big impact on the sidelines, the unsung heroes of every victory, to share their stories.

Hannah Weingast, age 11

Claim to Fame: Her homemade Heron costume

HWS Connection: Her sister Lizzy Weingast ’18, a forward on the William Smith ice hockey team

“I worked on my costume every day after school for about a week. I love to see all the girls play hockey. I think it’s more interesting than watching sports like boys’ lacrosse or boys’ football. When I’m in college, I want to be on the riding team.”

“Ever since I started at HWS, my whole family always joked how she was the Heron mascot for William Smith ice hockey so when she surprised my teammates and me in her handmade outfit, I honestly got a little choked up and couldn’t stop laughing.” – Lizzy Weingast ’18

Jon McGriff

Jon McGriff P’15

Claim to Fame: Leading the cheer after every touchdown with his megaphone, signed by the Hobart football team of 2015

HWS Connection: His son Matt McGriff ’15, a former Hobart football linebacker and co-captain

“I’ve led the cheer over 200 times in the past seven years. These are lifelong friends for my son and lifelong friends for my wife and myself— from the players to the parents. I started leading the Hobart cheer when Matthew was a sophomore. When he was a senior, during the St. Lawrence game, I took the megaphone to the locker room for everyone to sign. If the team gets back together for Team of the Century, I’ll have that megaphone there to cheer them on and we’ll have a whole new team of Hobart Statesmen sign it too.”

“To create a great program, you need to instill a winning culture and with that you need everyone to buy in. Dad let the guys know that family extended outside the locker room. As parents, they traveled with us, cheered for us, won with us and lost with us. His presence was felt at the games, and his few absences were noticed as well. He was helping us create a culture of winning while also tightening the family.” – Matt McGriff ’15


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