(l-r) Alumnae Association President Julie Bazan ’93, Julie Zappia McLean ’98, Professor Emerita of Art History Elena Ciletti, Interim President and Professor Emeritus of Economics Patrick A. McGuire L.H.D. ’12, Derrick F. Moore ’05 and Provost and Dean of Faculty DeWayne Lucas.

Ciletti and McGuire Honored by the Alumni and Alumnae Associations

In recognition of their profound impact on the Hobart and William Smith community, Professor Emerita of Art History Elena Ciletti and Interim President and Professor Emeritus of Economics Patrick A. McGuire L.H.D. ’12 were honored with the Distinguished Faculty Award during Reunion.

Established in 1990, joint award of the Hobart Alumni Association and William Smith Alumnae Association recognizes the importance that graduates of the Colleges place on the contributions of outstanding faculty members – for their impact as teachers, mentors and scholars.

An inspiration and cornerstone of her department, Professor Ciletti was her students’ “Sistine Chapel, our ‘Birth of Venus,’ our Artemesia” as conveyed by Ciletti’s former student and lifelong friend Julie Zappia McLean ’98.

“Her guidance, support and warmth profoundly impacted my development as a human being, and I know that I am just one in a sea of former students and colleagues who share this sentiment,” said McLean, who presented the honor and reflected on Ciletti’s dedication to her students.

Credited with pioneering the Colleges’ global education program in 1975, Ciletti served on the faculty as an art historian for 40 years. “What I am experiencing today is extraordinary gratitude and recognition of my even more extraordinary luck,” Ciletti said to alums who filled the Vandervort Room. “It was the students who pushed, demanded, frustrated and inspired me every day. Am I lucky and am I grateful? Who wouldn’t be? Job of one’s dreams, love of one’s life, Seneca Lake and you.”

Ciletti was honored alongside McGuire, whose impact on students is described as surpassing tangible measure. “It wasn’t just that you were a good teacher; it wasn’t just that you were a good adviser or that you loved your students or that you loved Ireland or the Celtic tiger; it was that you did all those things,” said Derrick Moore ’04, a former student of McGuire’s. “It is this passion that made you and continues to make you a phenomenal mentor, teacher and professor.”

McGuire joined the faculty in 1968. He has served the Colleges in a variety of leadership roles, including as co-chair of the Culture of Respect initiative and interim provost and dean of faculty.

For McGuire, the HWS community fostered “taking a risk with students— with learning. Put them in their uncomfortable zone. Take them places they have never been and you will see them blossom…I have a special place in my heart for Hobart and William Smith and certainly its students.”


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