Performing Arts Center

The new Performing Arts Center will enliven the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit at Hobart and William Smith and will have a transformative impact on the entire campus community.

Thanks to the many generous donors listed below, we will soon break ground on this important new academic facility. 

To learn more about supporting the Performing Arts Center and remaining naming opportunities, please contact Bob O'Connor, vice president of Advancement at (315) 781-3535 or

Anonymous (5)
Dr. George N. Abraham '59
Teresa Amott and Ray Miller
Courtney Archer-Buckmire '04
Nancy Malfitano Bailey '71
Adria R. Baratta '08
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Baratta P'08
Patricia and William A. Barron, Jr. '51 +
John M. Baxter '67
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Bensley '51, P'98, L.H.D. '01
Alexandra N. Berger '09
Jenna M. Berman '08
Mr. and Mrs. Everett G. Bishop P'08
Sandra Bissell
Kim A. Blacklock '79
Elizabeth Bennett Blue '78
Barbara Anne P. Boggia P'06
Charles P. Boswell II '50
Mary Jean Cole Bowman '51
Barbara M. and Thomas S. '68 Bozzuto
Clifford M. Breslow '80
Pete '81 and Nancy Buck P'12
David W. Budd and Catherine Belford-Budd P'10
Lauren M. Budd '10
Robert Buonato '86
William B. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick G. Christie P'14
Laura R. Clayman '04
Rashna K. Clubwala '07
Christine M. Conklin '98
Robert Cowles
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cytryn '75, P'14
Anna F. Darmiento '09
Susan DeLarm-Sandman '74
David H. '75 and Jamie T. Deming
Elizabeth I. Dingman '08
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Dingman P'08
Andreanna Doering '84
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie R. Dove P'14
John Q. Easton '71
Katherine D. Elliott '66, L.H.D. '08 and Richard Abrahmson
Roger L. Farrand '49 and Asta Farrand '76, P'78
Lindsey A. Farrell '08
Herb E. Felsenfeld and Gail Newman P'10
Elizabeth K. Figura '05, MAT'06
David B. Fisher '10
Christopher M. Flanagan '67 and Mary Chermside Flanagan '69
Alden B. Flanders '67 and Birgitte Madsen '68 Flanders P'00
Corey W. Flynn '05
Lynne Friedlander '80, P'11
Edward A. '55 and Joanne Froelich
Sherry J. Funke '08
Guardian Glass Industries, Inc.
Jeffrey S. Gerson '85
Jack and Joy H. Glaser MD '62, P'89, P'97
Ruth and Sheldon Goldstein Foundation
Betty A. Good '75
Margaret Bokan Greenawalt '66
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gummoe P'09
Laura R. Houghton GP' 06+
HWS Colleges Chorale Madrigal Dinner benefit, 2013
Ruth Ey Hyde '50
Kappa Alpha Society
Dana Keefer '68

Margaret Keeve '48
Jennifer E. Keller '93
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kenyon P'91
Koshare Dance Collective
Cara Bishop Lavalle '08
Caitlin J. Lugar '10
Jeremy D. Lynch '02
Katherine R. MacKinnon '77
William A. '92 and Colleen Margiloff '92
Katherine C. Marshall '09
Hallie F. Martenson '09
Scott J. Mason '81 and Lynne Nowadly '80 Mason P'13
Garrett A. Mathieson '74
Christopher P. McDonald '77
Arthur R. Medici '71
L. Thomas Melly '52, L.H.D. '02
Heather C. Mnuchin '89
Allison Morrow '76
Katie Kenyon Nahrwold '91
Lisa M. Nelson '05
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nelson, Sr. '56, P'95
Elizabeth C. Pille-Speacht '80
Margaret B. Popper
Michael L. Printz '53
Richard R. Pugh '67
Lela S. Rosen '09
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Salisbury, Jr. '63, P'94, L.H.D. '08
William F. Scandling '49, LL.D. '67+
Priscilla A. Schaffer '64, Sc.D. '94+
Caitlyn M. Schrader '10
Anne Schwarzkopf '69+
Andrew A. Shafter '88
Michael I. Siegel and Sharyn B. Solish P'09
Geoffrey E. Sloane '04
Robert B. Sorrells Galley '05 and Melissa S. Sorrells Galley '05
James Soule '40+
A. Stephen Spangler '71
Deborah Kauders Spangler '71
Stephanie A. Spangler P'09
Christine M. Spring '88
Caroline W. Spruill '12
Leslie J. Stark '59
Craig R.'81 and Kathy Stine
Carolyn Layton Swingle '64
Edward J. Tapper '64
Caterina Caiazza Tempest '05
Shannon T. Times '08, MAT'09
Shayna B. Times '08, MAT'09
Dr. William H. Truswell, Jr. '68 and Mrs. Lynn Malcolm '71 Truswell P'01
Elaine Turkel-Breslow '80
Simone E. VerEecke '09
Paul J. Vichness '65 and Sharlene Schmidt Vichness '66
Heidi Artlip Ward '04
Joseph D. Waters '59
Matthew C. Weir '04 and Margaret P. Weir '02
Christopher W. '84 and Catherine Whitney '83 Welles, P'12, P'15
Carol Brotman White '76
Stephanie L. Wiles '81
Cynthia J. Williams
Marissa K. Willsey '09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Wood P'12
Mr. Lloyd A. Wright '50+
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln C. Young P'14

+ Denotes deceased