Share My Info

Hobart and William Smith use the highest standards of reasonableness both in providing access to academic records and in assuring confidentiality of those records. We have developed a new service that allows students to grant a parent or guardian electronic access to student information via the web.

"Share My Info" is available through student self service within the HWS PeopleSoft Website. Once your student is logged in, click on "Campus Solutions and HR" and select "Share My Info." You and your student can allow access to different types of academic information by selecting from the following options:

  • View Address
  • View Emergency Contacts
  • View Phones
  • View E-mail Addresses
  • View Holds
  • View Grades
  • View Class Schedule
  • View Weekly Class Schedule
  • View Student Account

If your student decides to grant access to a parent or guardian, an email including a link to the HWS Portal and ID is sent to that person, but your student will need to notify that person of their PeopleSoft password separately.

Students have received notification about this new service from the Registrar's Office along with instructions. The only way for a parent or guardian to have access to this information is if your student grants you access.

More Info

If you have questions or concerns with regard to this new service, please contact Jennifer Murray, Director of Parent Programs, at

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