Afro Latino Alumni and Alumnae Association Mentorship


The Afro Latino Alumni/ae Association (ALAA), the Department of Intercultural Affairs, and Career Services have teamed up to create the Hobart and William Smith Colleges ALAA Mentor Program. By creating this program we hope to establish a mentoring relationship that will begin during the student’s second academic year and continue throughout their tenure at the Colleges.

The objective of the mentor program is to help students make an early connection with the profession in which he/she is interested. In developing this connection, students will have the benefit of a tangible link to their career field of interest and sound advice from a professional who has developed the essential skills necessary to be successful in that career field.

We also believe that it is very important for us to make our alums of color as visible as possible to those students currently attending Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Committing to share one’s knowledge is a priceless act, and we hope that you will ensure the success of this program by participating in our efforts. We understand that signing on to mentor a student will take time and energy, but the relationship you will develop will prove to be invaluable to the student, and we hope, to you as well.

ALAA Mentor Program Mission:
To connect students of color who are in their second academic year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges with professionals who will offer guidance, support, advice and a realistic understanding of the career world beyond college.

Specific Objectives:
• To provide for students a successful professional in their industry of choice to act as a mentor, adviser and coach.
• To give students insight into the professional world beyond the classroom, including the necessary skill sets and professional etiquette needed for success.
• To encourage students to become more vested in their academic study, their campus community, and ultimately, their preparation for a professional life.
• To develop networking contacts with professionals who are fully engaged in their careers.

What can I do?
• Commit to a minimum of one conversation each month with your mentee during the academic year.
• Offer the story about your own journey and how the experiences in your life shaped your career path.
• Use your professional expertise to advise your mentee about academic and career development.
• Use your life experience to guide your mentee through social development.

Benefits & Rewards:
• Utilize knowledge, skills and abilities to influence the life of a college student.
• Enhance the understanding of students who wish to pursue a career path in your field. • Maintain contact with the Colleges as an alumni/ae and a business professional.
• Increase professional and personal satisfaction by developing interpersonal and coaching experience.
• Gain satisfaction by giving back to a student who will benefit greatly from your efforts.
• Help students with the transition and assimilation into a career-focused college experience.
• Assist students in developing a realistic understanding of the professional world.
• Develop students awareness of education extending beyond the classroom.
• Serves as a valuable resource of advice, guidance and support.

How can I become a mentor?
Contact Associate Director for Affinity Engagement Jerry Fisk at (315) 781-3786 or


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