Ways to Give

If you want to... then you can... and your benefits include...

Make a gift to The Fund for HWS

Write a check or use our online form

Income tax deduction / Immediate gift to the Colleges

Avoid capital gains tax

Contribute highly appreciated securities held for more than one year/ Donate real estate to the Colleges or sell it to the Colleges at a bargain price

Charitable tax deduction based on full, fair market value / Elimination or reduction of capital gains tax

Defer a gift until after your lifetime

Create a bequest in your will (cash, personal property or % of residue)

Exemption from estate tax / Full use of assets during your lifetime

Secure a fixed income for life, avoid market risks, and often increase amount of your income

Create a charitable gift annuity / Create a charitable remainder annuity trust

Guaranteed fixed income stream

Avoid twofold taxation on an IRA or other qualified retirement plan

Name the Colleges as beneficiary of the remainder at your death or contingent beneficiary after your spouse's death

No income taxation on the gift to the Colleges / Ability to leave assets to heirs which will carry less tax liability

Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets you pass to children and grandchildren

Create a charitable lead trust to pay income to the Colleges for a specified number of years

Ability to pass assets to family members at lower tax level

Contribute a collection or other personal property (stamps, antiques, works of art)

Donate tangible property related to the Colleges' educational mission

Charitable tax deduction for fair appraised market value

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Make a Gift

If you have any questions about giving to the Colleges, or to give to a special designation, please contact Wendy Barnhart at (315) 781-3725 or barnhart@hws.edu

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