Directed Giving

Academics and Global Education

This is the heart and soul of a Hobart and William Smith education. Whether the learning happens inside the classroom, through service and community involvement, or in historic cities halfway across the globe, the Colleges provide access to some of the finest academic experiences available. Gifts to academics and global education support learning in many ways:

  • On-campus classrooms to floating laboratories
  • Library group study to sketching in Rome
  • Honors research with faculty to community-based outreach in Geneva
  • Robotics in the math lab to tutoring peers in writing
  • Entrepreneurial development with an alum mentor to individual computer-based language study 

When you choose to support academics and global education, you impact the positive learning relationships between faculty and students that are essential components in a Hobart and William Smith education.

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Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.

Unrestricted Support: Whether it meets an immediate need, remedies an unexpected challenge, or accelerates a program forward, unrestricted Annual Fund support ensures flexibility for the successful day-to-day operation of the Colleges.

Academics and Global Education: When supporting academics and global education, you enhance the positive learning relationships between faculty and students and enable off-campus study that is often life altering.

Facilities and Technology: The beautiful campus facilities are seen and admired by all. The technology that supports a 21st century education may be unseen but is no less important in providing students with a first-class learning and living environment.

Internships and Career Services: A Hobart and William Smith education is highly valued in the marketplace, especially when students have top-notch internship experiences on their résumés. In addition to supporting all services offered by the Salisbury Center for Career Development and Professional Services, internship stipend support is a priority that makes it possible for all students to explore experiential learning opportunities.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Support for scholarships and financial aid is important in recruiting high caliber students and is critical to ensure that our students do not graduate with debt that limits career options or burdens future opportunities for success.

Student Life: A gift in support of student life touches every student - every day - by funding student activities, clubs, Title IX initiatives, athletics and other extracurricular programming throughout the year.