Campaign for the Colleges charts the course for three primary fundraising objectives: capital building projects, the endowment, and the Annual Fund.

Capital Building Projects
Campaign for the Colleges addresses several pressing facilities needs: upkeep and renovation of our historic structures, renovation and expansion of the Scandling Campus Center, enhancements to athletic facilities, and creation of expanded academic space for the performing arts. Launched publically at Lincoln Center in New York City, the campaign has visibly enhanced the campus, with the projects listed at right already completed. The Campaign continues to seek funding for a few remaining components of the athletics enhancements as well as for the Colleges' single-largest capital project, the Performing Arts Initiative.

HWS programs, people and the ongoing maintenance of the campus are supported through the endowment. Named endowment funds provide the foundation for the teaching and learning that takes place on campus. They also help to provide a sense of history and continuity. The Colleges' endowment consists of many separate funds that have been established throughout the history of Hobart and William Smith. Invested collectively, they generate income that supports designated purposes such as endowed positions, scholarships, student supported funds, speaker funds, and science and technology.

Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is an essential element of Campaign for the Colleges. Just as new and renovated buildings provide an environment for learning and the endowment perpetuates the best teaching and scholarship, a strong Annual Fund underwrites the Colleges' distinctive liberal arts education …for generations to come. In fact, no gifts to the Colleges have more immediate impact on today's students than those made every year to the Annual Fund.


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