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With 80 percent of Hobart and William Smith students participating in intercollegiate sports, intramurals, club sports and outdoor programs, athletics and fitness play an important role at the Colleges. Robust and well-integrated sports and recreation programs provide students with opportunities to develop leadership and team-building skills, as well as the more inherent ability to be successful in the workplace and in life.

As the Colleges have completed significant campus improvements, such as Caird Hall, de Cordova Hall, Stern Hall, The Salisbury Center for Career Services, and the Scandling Campus Center, the need to transform the athletics fields and facilities has become increasingly apparent and acute. One of the key objectives of Campaign for the Colleges, is the expansion and enhancement of athletic fields and facilities, which are necessary in order to provide our students, athletes, spectators, and visitors access to facilities that are representative of and consistent with the high standard for which Hobart and William Smith are increasingly recognized. Click here to view an animated aerial rendering of the project.


Grounded in tradition and fueled by a spirit to succeed, athletics and fitness are part of the Colleges’ history and culture. While we have achieved important milestones in the early phase of the campaign, several key areas still need to be addressed during Campaign for the Colleges to ensure that athletics, recreation and fitness remain an integral part of the Hobart and William Smith experience.

Naming Opportunities

For more detail about these projects, including opportunities to name the spaces, please click here.


Boswell Field Rendering

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