Wondering where a particular classmates is? A class directory can be found in this password protected site.

Lost Classmates

A “lost” classmate is someone the Colleges no longer have a mailing address for. If you can help find any of these classmates, please contact Dulcie Meyer at or (315) 781-3082.

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Neil Carey
John M. Caster
Jack Chalfin, M.D.
Frederick L. Curtis
John P. Falck
David M. Friedman
Stephen D. Gellman
Mark D. Golden
John F. Grant Gregory
Harold E. Hirsch
Jeffrey R. Holstein
Andrew J. Kass
Richard W. Knight
Paul J. Kuhl
Stephen G. Ladd
Denis J. Linehan
J. Christopher Lubensky
William H. MacKenzie
Donald V. Mauro
Arthur C. Mortensen
George P. Napolitano
John H. Piper
Richard E. Rossetti
Robert L. Schlachter
Eric E. Shelley
John H. Stegner
William G. Thayer
William A. Wightman

William Smith
Susan Hatsell Hancock
M. Anne Hocker
Judith Ryan Lojko
Stephanie Hart Rodrick
Susan Urner Thornett
Judith A. Turnbull
Diedre Richtmyer Wright

Did not attend all four years

Jacques Begin
Amadee D. Bender
Thomas F. Burke
Edwin T. Carlson
Timothy J. Carlson
Charles P. Carroll
Howard J. Chase
Allen B. Chatt
Paul B. Chock
Richard M. Connole
Michael B. Covey
Kenneth M. Daly
Michael O. Denka
Christopher D. Feierobend
Mark A. Follansbee
David D. Fox
Frank Fuchs
Thomas D. George
John S. Gordinier
Jeffrey H. Gowing
Nicholas J. Harding
Donald A. Hubbard
Richard L. Ireland
Allan W. Jack
Craig G. Johnson
Phillip A. Jorgens
Kurt C. Kemper
David P. Khouri
Richard J. Kudler
Philip J. Kuoni
Paul W. Langebartel
Stephen Ludlam
Thomas P. Malley
Peter W. Mantell
Hudson S. Marts
Robert F. McKeever
Hubert P. O. Minn
Robert N. Morey
John A. X. Morris
Stephen P. Nash
Lawrence F. Nelson
Robert C. Oresko
Peter H. Owen
James C. Pendleton, Jr.
Jeffrey M. Raider
David B. Ramsey
Ronald M. Ransom
James H. Rausch
David J. Reinow
Douglas P. Ruby
Alfred H. Seidel
Jon W. Simon
Andrew Spofford
John V. Stanley
Richard C. Stannard
Laurence C. Stineford
Eric VanElkan
Towner Webster
Ralph R. White
Thomas B. White
Gary E. Wilkin
Robert J. Williams
Peter S. Wilson
Franklin B. Young

William Smith
Nina Littlefield Bisognani
Claudia Cleveland DuBois

In Memoriam

The reunion committee invites you to share memories of deceased classmates to be included in the 50th Reunion Echo and Pine Yearbook. We welcome tributes and memories—anything that will convey a sense of what a particular classmate was like either at HWS or in later years. If several contributions are received about the same individual, that’s fine. Please email your memorial to Dulcie Meyer at

View deceased classmates

Jay R. Ackerhalt
Ronald L. Berenson
Richard S. Birnbaum
Kim A. Brackett
David A. Busenlehner
Pasquale Cool
Carl L. Dodson
Peter N. Ehrlich
Richard J. Farber
Wilson H. Faude
Henry M. Gottfried
Arnold C. Gunther
Norman W. Hanna II
George T. Harragan
Terry Hatmaker
Peter L. Haviland
John M. Hayes, Esq.
Newman W. Kopald
Gerald P. Krasnow
Peter R. Lessler
Martin D. Levine
James F. McCabe
William L. McGrath
Jon C. McIntosh
Carl R. Meuser
Todd E. Norton
Robert Rigoulot
Philip O. Rogers
Peter A. Rothman
Melvyn J. Shapero
Peter H. Smith
John K. Stockwell
Elliott D. Vorce
Harry G. Webster

William Smith
Margaret L. Baker
Barbara Maynard Chilson
Lois J. DeVita
Hsiao-ti Falcone
Joan Kreis Gayle
Emily Theaman Gross
Kathleen Funnell Healy
Diana Withington Mobley
Anne Schwarzkopf
Nancy Skidmore
Karen C. Smyth
Anne Harmany Winkler
Judith Torrisi Wintermuth
Ann-Marie Decker Yanarella

50th Reunion Echo and Pine

Publishing a 50th Reunion Echo and Pine is a tradition that commemorates this milestone year. The yearbook is a compilation of submissions from classmates that reflect on life after college. Don’t forget to include pictures of yourself and family members with your submission. The Committee encourages all classmates to participate in the yearbook, even if you can’t attend Reunion.

There are several ways to complete your submission:

  • Complete the online form
  • Email Dulcie at and request the form as a Word document you can complete and email back,
  • Or complete the paper form that will be mailed in the fall.

To view the 1967 50th Reunion Echo and Pine, click here.


Classes of 1969 50th Reunion Committee

Robert Abrahams
Janet Pruitt Cappers
Sandra Krape Cryst
Christine Armstrong Dishman
Jane Eggleston
Jeffrey Hodde
Mary Carter Johnson
Robert Kowal
Mary Mowrey-Raddock
Mark Manis
Linda Rood
Joel Rosch
Nancy Rosett
David Saunders
Peter Shelley
Paul Stambach

Are you interested in helping with your 50th Reunion?  Contact Dulcie Meyer in Alumni House for more information.

HWS Staff Contact

Dulcie Meyer
(315) 781-3082


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