Celebrating the Classes of 1970 and 1971 50th Reunion!

Don’t miss this milestone.

To the Hobart and William Smith Classes of 1970 and 1971,

Sadly, because of COVID, this year's Reunion will not be in-person nor on-campus but rather a virtual gathering. Details are in the works with President Joyce P. Jacobsen to give a State of the Colleges address to all Reunion Classes, remote courses given by faculty members, class-specific zoom meetings and affinity group meetings (like Greeks, Little Theater, Statesmen and Herons, among others).

As 1970 and 1971 Reunion Committee members, we feel strongly that this virtual reunion is only a stopgap measure until we can safely meet face-to-face. We have proposed a cluster type, on-campus reunion for the Classes of '70 and '71 (and the Classes of '72 if they would like to join) in the late spring or summer of 2022.

The administration and staff are considering this proposal, and we will keep you posted as planning progresses.

We very much hope to see you on campus in 2022!

Hobart and William Smith '70 and '71 Reunion Committee

Giving to HWS and your Reunion

The generosity of alumni and alumnae celebrating their reunions each year makes a big impact for today’s students. Reunion Class Gifts give the Annual Fund an extra boost and directly support current student experiences by providing scholarships, in and out of classroom learning opportunities, leading academic programs, a wide breadth of extracurricular options and more. Your gift this year helps the Colleges and also counts for your Reunion Class Gift.


The Anderton 50th Reunion Cup, established in 2018 by Dr. James Anderton IV ’65, will be awarded to the 50th Reunion Classes that meet or exceed three of the four (see below) 50th Reunion Fundraising results of the two previous 50th Reunion classes:

  • Class giving participation percentage in the 50th Reunion year
  • Total Annual Fund contributions in the 50th Reunion year
  • Total contributions since the 45th Reunion
  • Number of Wheeler Society members

The results will be announced during Reunion Weekend.



FY21 Gifts to Date

FY21 Participation to date



50th Reunion Committee Members

Patricia C. Endweiss '70
John A. Pulos '70, P'07
William H. Schuellein '70
Roger M. Trerice '70
Richard L. Wasserman '70
Oscar Womack, Jr. '70
Michael R. Dick '70, P'09
Diane-Louise Kenney Casson '70



FY21 Gifts to Date

FY21 Participation to date



50th Reunion Committee Members

Bradley Davidson '71, P'04, P'08
Todd H. Rosenthal '71, P'11
Nancy Nowak Rutherford '71
Gugy A. Irving III '71
William C. Prather '71
Arnold N. Cohen '71, P'05
Roland J. Misarti '71
Christy W. Bell '71
Stephen H. Dalton '71
William P. Haizlip '71
Arthur R. Medici '71
John T. Preston '71, P'20
Rhonda B. Friedman '71
Christine DelPriore Lowrie '71
Mary Ludlow Duket '71
Ellen Fridovich David '71



FY21 Gifts to Date

FY21 Participation to date




Who is Attending

In Memoriam

50th Reunion Class Gift

Carol Brown Laufer ’71 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Carol Brown Laufer ’71 Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to provide assistance to one or more HWS students who are academically qualified and have demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to a student(s) from the State of New York.


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