HWS Performing Arts Initiative

Performing arts - theatre, dance and music - are fundamental to the rich, interdisciplinary education and social experience at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Engaging sensibilities, stretching imaginations and offering cultural, historical, political and literary reflections, the performing arts offer our students - both as performers and spectators - a living laboratory for active learning.

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The performing arts currently are relegated to spaces that have been re-purposed. The conditions of the physical spaces dictate the programming and educational opportunities available to students and constrain and inhibit creativity.

The Performing Arts Initiative will create a dynamic theatre, dance and music complex full of activity that will foster cross pollination between departments and attract a higher caliber of students and a new generation of scholars. Standing across from the Scandling Campus Center and adjacent to the Quad and Coxe Hall, the Center for Performing Arts boldly affirms the Colleges' commitment to the performing arts as an essential component of a liberal arts curriculum. With its prominence on Pulteney Street and planned access for events of all kinds, the Center for Performing Arts will undoubtedly serve as a central intersection of culture and the campus community.


Floor Plans

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