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  • Ports

    Ports: If you are looking to have a nice dinner out, Ports is worth the drive and price with a great location. The New York steak there is so good. - Rose Cherubin '15

    Ports, 4432 West Lake Road

  • Ichiro

    Ichiro Hibachi: Ichiro is one of my favorite places in Geneva. I love the atmosphere and the hibachi-style dinners! - Dollian Garo '15

    Ichiro Hibachi, 405 Exchange St.

  • Flounge

    Finger Lakes Gift and Lounge (Flounge): Flounge is a great place to have a bit of a break from campus life. They have great coffee, ice cream, and food, which makes it perfect for off-campus studying. Plus they often have fun events like live music or talks from teachers on the weekends which is always entertaining! - Georgia Baker '15

    Finger Lakes Gift and Lounge, 60 Seneca St.

  • Bagels

    Bagels and Cakes: Bagels and Cakes has an amazing menu! Just try the cake. - Andrew Thompson '15

    Bagels and Cakes, 476 Hamilton Street

  • Wegmans

    Wegmans: Sometimes when no restaurants appeal to me, I just walk into Wegmans and immediately a tasty meal appears before my eyes. Whether it's the prepared foods, sandwich bar, or just browsing the aisles and being creative, I always trust in Wegs when hunger strikes! - Cornelia Smith '15

    Wegmans, 300 Hamilton St.

  • Parkers

    Parker's: Parkers' cool ambiance, crowd-pleasing music selection, and spacious arrangement - including an outdoor patio on which one can enjoy some fresh air if needed - always ensure a good night. - Douglas Hoagland '15

    Parkers Grille, 100 Seneca St.

  • Opus

    Opus: Opus has the best coffee and the best sandwiches. It's a great place to bring work and just hang out. -Avery Share '15

    Opus Café, 486 Exchange St.

  • Joes

    Joe's Hots: Joe's prides itself on their trash plates, but if you're looking for something lighter they also have fantastic specialty burgers and hot dogs. - Jim Prowse '15

    Joe's Hots, 521 Exchange Street

  • Halseys

    Halsey's: I really like Halsey's because they use fresh and local ingredients. Their menu options change seasonally. Halsey's is one of the best in Geneva because there's something for everyone. - Elana Gerson '16

    Halsey's, 106 Seneca Street

  • Red Dove

    Red Dove Tavern: Red Dove is easily the best place to eat in Geneva. They constantly experiment with their food - so no boring traditional stuff and they only use healthy ingredients. The staff is extremely friendly, the ambiance is relaxing and the food is as good as it gets! - Subin Nepal '15

    The Red Dove Tavern, 30 Castle Street


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The Finger Lakes region boasts a growing tourist industry. Here are a few of the local destinations and attractions:



Hobart and William Smith are located on a spectacular 195-acre campus along the northern tip of Seneca Lake in the City of Geneva. Seneca Lake, formed by receding glaciers during the most recent ice age, is the largest of the Finger Lakes, and the second deepest lake in all of New York State. Geneva, with a population of 13,300 residents, is just part of the 9,000-square-mile Finger Lakes region. The area is known for its natural splendor, more than 100 wineries and historic roles in both the women's rights movement and the Underground Railroad. This area is rich in history and natural beauty and serves as a remarkable living and learning environment for students, faculty and staff.




  • Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning


    The Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning (CCESL) produces students who are civically engaged and graduates who are active, global citizens. CCESL's vision centers on a sustained, engaged relationship with the community through the Geneva Partnership, promoting positive community change and enhanced student learning.

  • The Finger Lakes Institute


    Finger Lakes Institute (FLI) is dedicated to the promotion of environmental research and education about the Finger Lakes and surrounding environments. In collaboration with regional partners, and state and local officials, FLI fosters environmentally-sound development practices throughout the region, and disseminates that information to the public.

  • Geneva 2020

    Geneva 2020

    Geneva 2020 is an important effort to advance the Geneva schools and build a stronger community. By harnessing the resources of the entire community - non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals - we can provide assistance in three key areas identified by the Geneva City School District as being critical to the future of Geneva's children.

  • Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Learning


    At HWS, career planning isn't only for seniors. Instead, students begin exploring opportunities as early as the first year. Through a carefully planned career development program, students take advantage of thousands of available internships, externships, job shadowing opportunities and connecting with a vast network of alums, parents and friends of the Colleges.

  • Environmental Sustainability


    With the Colleges situated on the edge of a small city, close to vast agricultural lands and along the shores of the deepest of the Finger Lakes, the opportunities for engagement are endless and act as micro-examples of issues beyond the region, providing a global element essential to addressing the complex environmental issues of today.

  • Community-Based Research and Service-Learning


    At HWS, community-based research and service-learning courses are held across disciplines and range from tutoring, child care, and preparing meals to developing and administering evaluation surveys for a local agency, designing the space for the local teen center or researching how gender affects the learning of students in Geneva.

  • Centennial Center for Leadership


    With focus on leadership development, entrepreneurial leadership, global leadership and community leadership, the Centennial Center for Leadership (CCL) enables students to become leaders across areas of interest. At CCL, students achieve their goals across a variety of individualized paths.