The Arts Scholars Program at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is designed for talented students who would like to continue their study of a fine or performing art while pursuing a rigorous program of study in any of the liberal arts and sciences programs offered by the Colleges. Arts Scholars are awarded $3,000 to $17,000 on the recommendation of the fine and performing arts faculty.

Arts Scholarships are awarded in studio art, music, dance, theatre, architecture and creative writing. Arts Scholarships are also open to architecture majors. As an Arts Scholar, you will not be required to major in a fine or performing art—the entire range of departmental and interdisciplinary majors and programs is available to you. It is our expectation that you will continue to develop your talent and contribute to the life of the arts on campus. It is generally expected that your continued participation will be in the area in which you compete.

Arts Scholars enjoy many benefits:

  • Faculty work closely with Arts Scholars to ensure they have access to the courses they need to pursue their arts studies at Hobart and William Smith.

  • You enjoy the option of electing a First-Year Seminar in whatever field of study you wish, including but not restricted to the arts. At HWS, we don't assume that you live only for your art, but that it enriches your life.

  • A rich menu of performances, exhibits and concerts, both on and off-campus, is available. There are also opportunities to meet guest artists and writers, participate in workshops and master classes—in short, to be part of a community of creative people who share your interests and value your contributions.


In order to be considered for the Arts Scholars Program, all of the following must be returned to the Office of Admissions by January 15:

  1. the scholarship application;
  2. appropriate materials for the review (see below);
  3. A resume that details your experience, years of instruction, awards, performances, etc. (If you do not have a resume specific to the arts scholarship you are applying for, you may also submit a general resume);
  4. a recommendation from a private instructor or teacher in the specific art form you are applying for that can speak to your abilities (a recommendation that you submit on the Common Application from this same private instructor or teacher may also be used); and
  5. a completed application for admission and all required supporting materials.

You may email (, fax (315-781-3914), or mail (629 South Main St. Geneva, NY 14456) the additional materials to the Office of Admissions. Please note that there is no "correct" media content for the Arts Scholars Program review. The goal of the media is to showcase your skills, talents, and abilities.

Materials Required for the Review

Arthur Garfield Dove Class of 1903 Scholarship for Studio Art and Architecture: 10 representative samples of previous work (including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, video, new media, sculpture, architecture, design or furniture/woodworking design) as images on a CD, flash drive, Powerpoint Presentation, Youtube link, or other website link. Descriptions of each are encouraged but not required.

Deborah Tall Scholarship for Creative Writing: 10-15 pages of original creative writing in any combination of fiction, poetry or creative non fiction. This can be multiple pieces of writing. For example, you could submit 10 poems, five two page short stories.

Edward E. Griffith Scholarship for Theatre and Theatre Tech: a 3-5 minute video CD, flash drive, Powerpoint Presentation, Youtube link, or other website link with good audio quality of you performing or a performances you previously participated in. For students with experience in theatre tech, you may submit video or images of set design, make-up work, costume design, etc.

Lindsay Lafford Scholarship for Musical Performance: an audio CD in mp3 or mp4a format, flash drive in mp3 or mp4a format, Powerpoint Presentation, Youtube link, or other website link. DVDs are not permitted. The media form should include two contrasting samples of the student’s playing or singing totaling at least five minutes of performing. The performances do not need to be consecutive pieces, and you may submit as many pieces as you would like. For example, an instrumentalist might include a performance of a Classical sonata or concerto movement as well as a piece by a 20th or 21st century composer. A vocalist might include an Italian song/aria and a more recently composed art song. Normally applicants shall submit classical selections, although jazz musicians have the option of submitting contrasting jazz selections. If the chosen pieces of music require accompaniment, then the submitted recording should include accompaniment as well.

Janet Seeley Performing Arts Scholarship for Dance: Students must submit a video of no more than 10 minutes in length with their written application materials. The video material may be submitted via URL link (i.e. You Tube, Vimeo, etc.) or via DVD. Those students interested in the Arts Scholarship in Dance must also audition in person. The first opportunity to audition will be on November 13, 2015 from 9 a.m.-noon in the Winn-Seeley Dance Studio. If you are an Early Decision I candidate and applying for the Arts Scholarship in Dance, you must attend this Open Audition. If you are not an Early Decision I candidate, you may still attend this audition, but your written application materials will not be due until January 15, 2015. The second opportunity to audition will be on February 19, 2016. Both the November and February auditions are Open Auditions and will include a full technique class in classical ballet and modern/contemporary dance, performance of a short solo of any dance genre (1-3 minutes), and a gathering with current arts scholars and dance faculty. The solo performance may be of your own choreography or a teacher’s to CD/iPod music or in silence. Please register in advance for an audition by contacting Cadence Whittier in the Dance Department. If applicants are unable to attend the audition, they are encouraged to arrange an equivalent audition experience so they can demonstrate their skills in person. Please contact Assistant Director of Admissions Claire Criniti for more information or to make these arrangements.




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