Deans’ Welcome at Orientation

The William Smith Deans’ Welcome is an event dedicated to welcoming the first-year class during Orientation weekend.

Programs Led by the William Smith Deans

This event showcases the programs that the William Smith Deans offer and support. Some of the programs that are featured are the Honor Societies – Hai Timiai and the Laurel Society, the Leadership League of Women (LLOW), the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN), and the Coalition of William Smith Women. This event is a great opportunity to bring students together and allow them to explore the programs that the William Smith Deans help to provide.

Founder’s Day

Each year, in late fall, William Smith students come together to pay tribute to William Smith, the founder of the College.

Celebrating Excellence Dinner

Held in February, the Celebrating Excellence Dinner is dedicated to recognizing the achievements of remarkable William Smith women and to inducting the new members of the Laurel Honor Society for outstanding sophomores and juniors.

Moving Up Day

Moving Up Day is a ceremony that acknowledged academic awards given to students of William Smith, inducts the new members of the Hai Timiai Honor Society, and recognizes each class as they move up to the next. Students gather at the top of the William Smith Hill and proceed to the event as part of this annual tradition. Students are encouraged to wear their class colors to this event to display their class membership. This traditional event allows students to celebrate one another’s achievements over the past year.


2017 – red – respect and passion

2018 – green – fidelity and friendship

2019 – blue – faith and hope

2020 – yellow – loyalty and joy



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