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Hai Timiai

Hai Timiai is the William Smith Senior Honor Society. The society was founded in 1953, and its name is the Greek for “Honored Women.” They are a small group chosen by their members and the Deans to represent the many outstanding young women studying at William Smith. Entering the society is not a prize for winning a contest. It is not an end, but a beginning. Hai Timiai members are deserving of this honor due to their past commitment to the welfare of William Smith College and the larger community, through tradition and innovation. Membership signifies ongoing individual and group contributions.

2020-21 Members:

Mahdia Ahmed
Shreeya Desai
Emma Falkenstein
Emma Hardee
Alexandria (Lex) Knipper
Carling Landeche
Gianella Marciniak
Linh Nguyen
Audrey Platt
Lorena Robelo-Lara
Amelia Smith
Julia Walters
Rylee Wernoch


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Laurel Society

The Laurel Society is the sophomore and junior honor society for William Smith College. The members of the Laurel Society are a diverse group of young women, actively involved in their community and committed to academic excellence. Through their positive actions as role models and mentors, and their active participation and representation in all areas of Hobart and William Smith community, the Laurels demonstrate their commitment to William Smith College and to improving the lives of all William Smith Women.

2021 Members:

Ashton Ariola
Litzy Bautista
Emma Bilton
Hannah Bilton
Alassandra (Allie) Bonagura
Colleen Boucher
Misty Chien
Fatou Diokhane
Elise Donovan
Ani Freedman
Madison Hasbrouck
Irini Konstantinou
Caroline Martocci
Saima Mashori
Grace Mongeau
Madeleine Mood
McKayla Okoniewski
Olivia Parisi
Caroline Wren Payne
Star Peña
Shayna Riggins
Amelia Rojek
Niima Sellah
Julia Stockwin
Zoey Wagner


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Members for both honor societies are selected based on their scholarship, leadership, character and service.

Typically, they are women who have made a strong commitment to William Smith College and have helped to create a sense of community among the women of the community.

For more information about the societies and/or the application process, please contact the William Smith Dean’s Office at (315) 781-3467 or at

The Helen Heath Scholar is a notation on all William Smith College first year students' transcripts who earn a semester GPA between 3.0 and 3.49. It is a long-standing honor in recognition of a former dean of William Smith, Helen Bateman Heath, who was the seventh dean of William Smith College, served the College from 1944 to 1967.

The Dean’s List is a notation on the all William Smith College students’ transcripts who earns a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Fall 2020 William Smith Dean's List

Spring 2020 William Smith Dean's List

Fall 2020 Helen Heath List

Spring 2020 Helen Heath List


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