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Charmine Bing Bing Chung '19

Hometown: Sarawak, Malaysia
Intended Major: Biochemistry

Lauren Workman '18

Hometown: Hammond, NY
Majoring in Environmental Studies and Cultural Anthropology

Yujun (Raven) Jiang '18

Hometown: Changchun, China
Majoring in Economics and Sociology

Pamela Icyeza '19

Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda
Intended Major: Economics and Political Science

Hannah Wood '18

Hometown: Sidney, N.Y.
Majoring in Geoscience and Environmental Studies

Tatiana Loftus '19

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire
Intended Major: Writing and Rhetoric & Political Science and Spanish

Maeve Kline '19

Hometown: Culver, Indiana
Intended Major: Economics and Education Disparity (Indv. Major)

Cecelia Foley '18

Hometown: Radnor, Pennsylvania
Majoring in Media & Society and Writing and Rhetoric

Sarah Walters '19

Hometown: Avon, Conn.
Intended Major: Genocide and Peace Action (Individual Major)

Tameera McCardy '18

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Majoring in Biology

Thayer Kennedy '20

Hometown: Madison, Conn.
Majoring in Economics and International Relations

Xiao Jin (Natty) Lin '20

Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Intended Major: Economics and Psychology


2018 – green – fidelity and friendship

2019 – blue – faith and hope

2020 – yellow – loyalty and joy

2021 – red – respect and passion


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