Social Justice Studies

Beyond HWS

Many recent graduates whose studies have focused on social justice have chosen to pursue advocacy-oriented careers in companies and service organizations, such as:

CAMBA Homebase
Exploration Summer Programs
Full Service Consulting
Hanback Group
Institute of Human Virology
Massachusetts Campus Compact
Multiple Impressions (art gallery)
Peace Corps
Police Athletic League
Teach for America
University of Vermont

Others have gone on to graduate programs in psychology, law, or economics at institutions like:

American University
Daemon College
National University of Ireland, Galway
University of California, Los Angeles


Leanne Roncolato '07

Economics and Social Justice Studies double major

Leanne Roncolato '07

"The first year after graduating HWS and for the past four summers, I’ve worked for the International Labor Organization in Geneva, Switzerland as an external collaborator. I have co-authored work on the informal economy, trade liberalization and the trade collapse of 2008. My research both at American University and the ILO challenges mainstream economics theory and methodology."


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