Swimming on Seneca Lake – Where’s the Beach?


Student Researchers: Sharlene Diamond, WS’11, Marco Luongo, H’11, Hannah Stoll, WS’11, and Benjamin Woodruff, H’11
Community Partners: Jeff Henderson and Jackie Augustine
Faculty Advisor: Professor Jack Harris

Geneva, New York is located near one of the deepest fresh water lakes in the country: Seneca Lake. However, there is limited access to safe or regulated public swimming on the north shore of this beautiful lake. There are unofficial swimming beaches along the shores of Seneca Lake but without lifeguards and safety regulations these beaches are not safe. This project examines the feasibility of having a publicly accessible swimming beach in Geneva along the north shore of Seneca Lake through research and analysis that gauges public interest and examines factors such as biological regulations and restrictions, the legal framework necessary to open a beach and financial costs.

































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