Volunteerism and Reflection – Spring Break Reconsidered

Volunteerism and Reflection – Spring Break Reconsidered

For one week in March, students travelled to Petersfield, Jamaica as part of an “alternative spring break.” HWS partnered with Amizade, a 17-year old organization committed to empowering individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. As a community-driven service-learning trip, students participated in service projects that are based on the needs of community members. Projects included home improvement efforts and teaching in schools. Working with a local community organization gives volunteers a chance to contribute their skills while absorbing the stories and strength of people working to build a better future for their community.

Student Participants: Nambooway Bakiika, Jackson Bartell, Jennifer Bartlett, Stephen Enos, Daphney Etienne, Ellen Grenen, Paige Larue, Hanna Meyer, Margaret Nash, Jordan Printup, Andrew Zenger
Faculty Adviser: Brien Ashdown, Psychology

































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