American Cancer Society: Daffodil Days Program

Jacquelyn Sands

"The American Cancer Society addresses the issue of the prevalence of cancer in everyone's lives across the country. I hope that the report that I intend to create will serve as a great resource for the future volunteers/interns for the Daffodil Days program in the Geneva and HWS communities. I believe that my experience paired with my research will be able to be combined in a successful report which will make some useful and practical suggestions.”
- Jacquelyn Sands, William Smith '09
Political Science Major

Double Minor in Religious Studies and American Studies

What are your goals for the project? What do you hope to accomplish?

  • Successfully carry out the Daffodil Days program with the HWS parents.
  • Exceed the typical number of parental orders received.
  • Establish a great deal of new community contacts by personally visiting and following up with local business owners.
  • Compile experience and subsequent research in a report that can be used in the future (including observations and recommendations for future practice).

What do you hope to learn from this project?

I hope to be able to learn a great deal about writing the report I imagine creating in an academic format - I would like to compile my experience and research to make suggestions for the future of this project, and would like to have the learning experience of presenting this in a semi-formal setting.


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