Recycling in Seneca County


Student Researchers: Jessica Becker, WS’11, Marissa Biondolillo,WS’11, Anna Giangregorio, WS’11 and Andrew Schettine, H’11
Community Partner: Averell Bauder,H’81 Cornell Cooperative Extension,Seneca County
Faculty Advisor: Professor Jack Harris

This project is an in-depth study of the recycling practices and knowledge of Seneca County residents. The purpose of this research is to assess how well Seneca County residents recycle, how well informed they are about recycling resources and guidelines, and the best methods for educating residents about effective recycling. This information will be used to inform the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Seneca County in an attempt to improve recycling efficiency, awareness, and education. Preliminary findings and recommendations will be presented.

































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