Intercultural Learning: Playing with Culture

Intercultural Learning

This project is the result of work conducted in German 202 and concerns intercultural learning: developing the skills to communicate effectively and appropriately with people from different cultures. The class in- vestigated how culture is constructed and how to overcome obstacles to proper communication, as well as how to bridge the gaps between cultures. After working on intercultural learning in class, students went to West St. Elementary School to teach children about culture through play. Students developed activities based on different themes to introduce children to aspects of German culture and to teach children about similarities and differences between German and other cultures.

Community Partners: Sarah Cupelli, Teacher. Nina McCarthy, Principal. West St. Elementary School
Student Participants: Natia Bueno, Stephen Enos, Andrew Hellmund, Tyler Shepard, Joey Simard-Bolduc, Molly Rindos, Megan Vanevera
Faculty Adviser: Eric Klaus, German Area Studies

































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