Mental Health Resources for Geneva’s Children

Mental Health Resources for Geneva’s Children

Access to and availability of children’s mental health services is an important community issue, especially in rural, multi-ethnic communities such as Geneva. This report serves as an update of the 2002 Success for Geneva’s Children report on Children’s Mental Health in Geneva (Wiant, Lynch, Gibson and Salter, 2002). This study outlines the availability and accessibility of mental health services specifically for children in the Geneva area and suggests a community-based approach to unifying different aspects of mental health services for children. This study found that agencies providing mental health services in Geneva are well established, with almost all having been active for over ten years. Most agencies do not require a referral for treatment, and most agencies are willing to expand if they experience a greater demand for services.

Community Partner: Stu Einstein, Executive Director, Success for Geneva’s Children
Student Researcher: Katherine Cushing, Airi Shiraishi
Faculty Adviser: Bernie Gee, Psychology

Mental Health Resources for Geneva’s Children (PDF)

































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