American Red Cross

  • Health and Safety- non-instructors, making presentations for local groups (training and materials provided)

  • Home repair- Seneca County jobs (painting, repair), yard work (shoveling in winter for seniors)

  • Blood drives throughout the area- working at them, doing marketing and promotion for them

  • Drives- end of the year drive for items students will leave behind (blankets, sheets, canned goods, toiletries, etc.), collection boxes on

  • Disaster trailer- located on campus, cleaning/maintaining/organizing it

  • “Adopt” a child/mannequin for training (buy one)

Boys and Girls Club

  • Looking for volunteers to work after school from 3-4:45pm to do homework and play with the children for long-term or 2-3 times a semester positions. (If you do not want to go through the screening process you can opt to be a “visitor” for a few visits a semester without having to go through the process)

  • Looking for students to be part of the “Kid Biz” program that allows children to use computers and work online chatting with the student and doing literacy programs/responses. The students would read and discuss the child’s response online (training available) and would then meet with the child once a week on campus (for an hour). Program would begin in October

  • Looking for students who will be willing to participate in incentive trips to the campus (or plan one at the center). The children would be bussed to campus and would participate in activity (i.e. scavenger hunt, presentation, projects)

Catholic Charities

  • Looking for volunteers to run a session one afternoon at this program on a topic that will be helpful to the adolescents (i.e., preparing to apply for/go to college)

Center of Concern

  • Volunteers to clean the pantry/fridges. Work in pantry on Mondays

  • Operation Merry Christmas- donate new toys for children/families, help with heavy lifting, moving or rearranging

  • Food drives- collect food items to restock the pantry with (soup, juice, canned tuna, canned/boxed meals, cereal, oatmeal, canned fruit, etc.)

  • Unload food truck- 30-60 minutes every other week

Community Lunch Program

  • Serving at the lunch program (flexible shifts/times)

  • Gathering sizable amounts of leftover food to donate to the program, can be donated 24/7 (call Marge at 781-2583)

  • October 6th- Miracle March: fundraiser to benefit the Community Lunch Program, sponsored walk around the streets of Geneva

  • End of year drives to collect leftover school supplies to be distributed to children at their program

  • Need help with heavy lifting when food is being delivered
    Before breaks or before summer donate leftover food that will be otherwise tossed out

  • Paper product drive- collect items such as paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins to be used at program

Community Unified Today

  • Assist in reviving homes, working with home owners

  • Take the housing economic training program led by Diana Davis (x106) and create a program to go over financial literacy, etc

  • Taxes- prepare taxes at the IT Center for individuals or explain tax literature/process such as EITC

  • Micro-loan program: aimed at women in the community to enable them to start their own small businesses. Go over cash flow statements, business plans, tech assistance, etc

  • Stock investing group- to help people in the community plan for the future, provide access to information and opportunities, focus on thriving and not only surviving

Geneva Agri-Business Child Development Center

  • Need people to help with grounds keeping (mulching, maintaining the playground)

  • Presentations to make to the children (arts, music, performances, cultural)

Family Counseling Services of the Finger Lakes

  • Working with prevention groups in middle schools/high schools, help organize them, focusing on healthy relationships/prevention of domestic violence

  • Helping to run support groups/making presentations to support groups (budgeting, learning to start over, etc.)

  • Fundraising for domestic violence program (ex: suitcase drive- collect toiletries, baby items, etc)


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